Snowmobiling around Cody's Greater Yellowstone Region

Snowmobiling cody wyoming
Snowmobiler enjoying a late winter day

Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are the snowmobile capital of the world. Because Yellowstone National Park, 60 miles west of Cody receives twelve feet of snow falls annually and the hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails that lead to Yellowstone from all the surrounding National Forests and gateway communities. Old Faithful, and 10,000 other thermals, cast clouds of steam as you ride. These three states offer the greatest concentration of groomed trails, powder fields and snowmobile activities to be found anywhere in North American and somehow they all connect.

The Shoshone National Forest has 306 miles of these trails snowmobile trails, some just west of Cody. The most popular Cody snowmobiling trails originate from Pahaska Tepee Resort located 51 miles from Cody on US 14/16/20. Don't take the Pahaska Tepee trail over 8,541 foot Sylvan Pass if you are afraid of heights; but if you are not it connects to the Yellowstone National Park trails and the lengthy Continental Divide snowmobiling trail and offers breathtaking views including Avalanche Peak (10,566 feet) and Cody Peak (10,267 feet). The Pahaska Tepee Cody’s jump off point for Yellowstone Snowmobiling is a national historic landmark lodge built in 1905 by Buffalo Bill Cody.

snowmobiler full moon
A rising full moon finishes a Blue Bird day snowmobiling the Mountains of Wyoming

Just 60 miles north of Cody, Wyoming is the Beartooth Mountain snowmobiling trail system. With 32 miles of groomed trails and 34 miles of ungroomed trails, in addition to the myriad of off-trail possibilities, the Beartooth Mountains are guaranteed to satiate all of your snowmobiling desires. The wide-open spaces of the Beartooth Plateau have been calling to snowmobilers for decades

The sunlight trail system is located 36 miles north of Cody and winds through the wilds to a stunning view of the Beartooth Mountains of the Sun Light Basin.

Hundreds of square miles of the Absaroka Mountain Range provide unlimited opportunities for the Cody powder hound that seeks out the wide open bowls that dominate the Absaroka’s southern slopes and the sub alpine terrain around the peaks.

• Be informed about avalanche dangers. Take an avalanche awareness class. Carry safety equipment such as an avalanche beacon, shovel and probe. Make sure others are not below you if you are crossing or climbing potentially unstable slopes. 

• Alcohol and winter sports don’t mix. State and federal laws prohibit operating a snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. 

• Snowmobilers should slow down when meeting other users or oncoming snowmobilers. Pull to the right side or just off the trail if you meet oncoming dog sleds. Stay to the right on curves and slow down. Obey all safety signs. Stop before crossing highways. Never ride on the state highway system.

bull elk yellowstone geyser
Bull elk yellowstone geyser
Skiers and snowshoers should move to the side of the trail or just off the trail when they hear a snowmobile approaching. 

• State and federal laws prohibit careless or reckless operation of snowmobiles. Although snowmobile trail systems don’t have posted speed limits, it is the snowmobiler’s responsibility to operate his or her machine in a safe manner that won’t endanger other people or property. 

• Register your snowmobile. All snowmobiles used on Wyoming National Forests are required to have a state snowmobile sticker. A non-resident user fee sticker is required if the machine is from another state or country. Help support and improve the snowmobile trail program by purchasing your registration stickers.

• Don’t snowmobile in wilderness areas. It is a violation of federal regulations to take snowmobiles or other motorized equipment into wilderness areas. Not all wilderness boundaries are marked on the ground. It is the snowmobiler’s responsibility to know where he or she is at all times and to check maps carefully to determine wilderness boundaries and other areas closed to snowmobiles such as wildlife winter range and cross country ski trails. Snowmobile trail system maps are free and available at several locations including Forest Service offices. 
These maps also contain additional safety information and phone numbers.

Regional Snowmobile Tour Operators and Rentals

Back Country Snowmobile Adventures • (West Yellowstone) Back Country offers high quality snowmobile rentals at affordable rates. Available for daily and weekly adventures. Tour guides are available if you would like to see Yellowstone from a native's perspective. We also provide accommodation packages making it affordable and easy to see the amazing wonders of Yellowstone National Park. Whether you're a die hard rider, or a beginner, your guaranteed to have a great time.

Jackson Hole Snowmobile Tours • (Jackson Hole) Specialists in snowmobile and backcountry tours. Day tours and overnight adventures in Yellowstone National Park, the Wyoming Continental Divide, Togwotee Mountain and Granite Hot Springs. Current model Polaris Snowmobiles. Experience makes the difference.

Snowmobile Events
Jackson HoleÕs World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb
Hill climber goes off the back of his sled instead of over the crest of the mountain.

Jackson Hole's World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb • (Jackson Hole) World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb is not an event for the meek, Held annually the last weekend of March the Hill Climb challenges over 100 of the bravest and brightest stars on the professional snowmobile circuit. The racecourse is straight up a double black diamond (expert only) ski run called Exhibition. Exhibition rises 1,500 vertical feet above the town of Jackson. The upper end of Exhibition known aptly as Rock Garden is a double-black diamond ski run with an unfathomable 45 degree slope which puts the wobble in extreme skiersÕ knees and makes mincemeat out of $10,000 snow machines. These competitors are snowmobiling up places most of us are scared to ski down. Guts and a good sled may take you over the top or as has happened to some a tumble to the bottom may dash the dreams of an aspiring climber.

Women’s Rally 4 A Reason • (Island Park, Idah)o • Midldle weekend in January check webisite for spacific dades - • 209/558-7390. Highlight: The camaraderie among racers and spectators, and the ride through gorgeous forests. Any snowmobile race aficionado would associate a long-standing cross-country race with a bunch of tough men in a state like Minnesota. So it may be a surprise that there’s a 25-year-old cross-country race, specifically for women, in Idaho. The Old Ladies Race, an Idaho tradition, has a new name and different starting location — but the heart of the event is still the same: a women’s race to raise money for charity.

One Lunger 100 Snowmobile •   The One Lunger began in 2000 as a fun activity born from an interest in vintage snowmobiles. The rules require that all snowmobiles entered in the race must be 1973 vintage or older, single-cylinder snowmachines. Any engine modification is permitted and any fuel may be used. Jackshafts are prohibited. Held on the third weedine in Feburary - Check For actural dates

World Snowmobile EXPOSecond weekend in March - check ro actual dates. EXPO is recognized worldwide as the "Largest Snowmobile Event in the West." Arctic Cat, Polaris, Skidoo and Yamaha will unveil their new snowmobile lines for the first time to the public at the same location. Hundreds of new aftermarket exhibits will also be on display at the West Yellowstone Holiday Inn, center for the EXPO. EXPO will once again offer a TOUGHMAN ENDURO Race scheduled on Friday. EXPO features high-flying aerial antics on Saturday night. The EXPO SWAP MEET will be held Saturday

Snowmobile News


Unruly Bison Gives Snowmobilers in Yellowstone a Hard Time • If you ever have the opportunity to snowmobile through Yellowstone National Park, don’t think just go! It’s an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the most breathtaking sights in the world, which appear enhanced by a dusting of clean, white snow. A word of caution, however; make sure to keep your head on a swivel out there.. a recent video making the rounds online shows an unruly bison giving a group of snowmobilers a little bit of a hard time. ........ Rest of Story

Outfitted and guided experiences drive tourism revenue in Montana • Outfitting and guiding are bringing significant and growing dollars to Montana, according to a new report from the University of Montana's Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research.Last year, spending on outfitters and guides hit $374 million by nonresidents, or 11 percent of all visitor spending, according to the study. It reached the fourth-highest spending category by nonresidents, surpassed only by fuel, restaurants and lodging. .........Rest of Story

Best on sleds hit Snow King Mountain for Hill Climb • Ski season may be winding down, but some 10,000 people are expected to come together at the base of Snow King Mountain this weekend. Some of the world’s best on sleds will descend on Jackson Hole for the 43rd World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb, which revs up on Thursday. The event will begin with amateur events and work its way up to professional classes on Sunday, when the King of Kings will be crowned, closing out the four-day event.......... Rest of Story

Phillips Canyon Snowmobile Hill Climb seeks 5-year permit for annual event • STAR VALLEY, WYO – The Forest Service is contemplating issuing a permit to allow a popular snowmobile event in Phillips Canyon to continue for the next five years. The Greys River Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest is seeking comments on re-issuing a recreation event permit. The permit would allow for the continued use of the Phillips Canyon area in Grover Park for an annual February three-day snowmobile Hill Climb. This event has been held on the National Forest for approximately 20 years now, and provides a positive economic boost for local communities during a slower season. .....Rest of Story

A pretty day in the mountains
Will Closing the ‘Snowmobile Loophole’ Lead to Shutting Down All Motorized Rec on Public Lands?
• The battle over backcountry access is back on.This time, the Winter Wildlands Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to human-powered snow sports, has taken the lead, filing a petition with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Forest Service related to the way snowmobiles are regulated on National Forest lands. Their argument? That over-snow vehicles (aka snowmobiles) should fall under the same oversight rules that govern off-road use in the summer. In other words, they feel it is time to close the so-called “snowmobile loophole.”

Forget the sunny Super Bowl, I'll take Wyoming and a snowmobile - by John Steigerwald
I wouldn't know, because for the past 10 days, I've been about as far away from Phoenix and the Super Bowl as a guy can get. Well, actually, I'm closer to Phoenix than you are but only geographically............................While the 3,000 media who are covering the Super Bowl were being herded into a stadium on Wednesday to record the 3,000,000 clichés that would be spewed on Media Day, I was cruising along the semi-frozen Grey's River in Western Wyoming, looking at some of the most excruciatingly beautiful scenery available for human eyes. It was 15 degrees and it was snowing and I was sitting on a snowmobile that was sitting on top of about five feet of hard packed snow......................As I was watching four moose - two males and two females - cavorting in the river, I have to admit-----------------------------------> More

US Congress Votes to keep Yellowstone Open for Winter Recreation
The United States Senate and House of Representatives enacted legislation to keep Yellowstone National Park open for winter recreationists. The legislative action affirms National Park Service rules to continue limited guided-snowmobile access on groomed roads in the Park, using only new technology snowmobiles. The affirmed rules also provide for snowcoach access and cross-country skiing in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks this winter.-------------------------------> More

Winter in Yellowstone: A Caldera of Your Own
Lisa Torrance Duffy • Want to tour Yellowstone National Park in near solitude? Visit in winter. With a fraction of the summer's visitation -- only 140,000 during the winter season compared to almost 3 million in summer -- winter is the ideal time to take in the park's astounding natural attractions.------------------------------> More

seventy year old Louise Mcdonald snowmobiling in Yellowstone
Seventy year old Louise Mcdonald snowmobiling in Yellowstone
Wyoming court contemplates restoring roadless balance
Recreational interests were among those present in the crowded courtroom as U.S. District Judge Clarence Brimmer presided on October 19th over the latest legal maneuvers affecting U.S. Forest Service roadless area management. In this latest lawsuit, the State of Wyoming seeks to have the Court reinstate its earlier ruling finding the 2001 Roadless Rule illegal. A number of recreational groups have weighed in as "friends of the court" in order to protect recreational access to the approximately 60 million acres of "roadless areas" potentially affected by the Rule. The groups, who include the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs ("CA4WDC"), United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA), the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA), and the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC), have been involved in a series of Roadless lawsuits including several in the U.S. Districts of Idaho and Northern California, and appeals court proceedings in the Ninth and Tenth Circuits. In the present case the recreational groups are supporting Wyoming's position and are seeking to have an injunction issued preventing the Forest Service from implementing the 2001 Rule. ---------------------------> More
Regional Snowmobile Clubs

Jackson Hole Snow Devils • JH Snow Devils general membership meetings are 1st Thursday of each month in January, February & March: 6:30pm at the Virginian.

Gallatin Valley Snowmobile Assoc. • (Bozeman MT) (406) 586-8687 - Located on I90 and Hwy 191, 90 miles North of Yellowstone National Park and home to Montana State University. Renowned for its beautiful scenery and downhome atmosphere. The local club supports two separate trail systems. The Bridger Mountains Trail system is just 15 miles NE of Bozeman and the Gallatin Range is just minutes South of this city. The Gallatin Range is the proud location of the nationally registered historic Big Sky Trail that starts just southwest of town at Little Bear Creek and traverses 123 miles thru the mountains to West Yellowstone, the Snowmobile Capital of the World. Being this close to Yellowstone National Park affords us beautiful scenery and a multitude of snowmobiling opportunities to see, all from the Bozeman area. For a family ride try Buck Cr. Ridge Trail just south of Big Sky or 15 miles further South to Taylor Fork/Carrot Basin. For the more extreme riders try Portal Cr. to Buffalo Horn segment of the Big Sky Trail.

Pinedale Snow Explorers Snowmobile Club • (Pinedale WY)Meetings are held every 1st Wednesday of the month in various locations at 7 p.m. Please contact Mike Carrillo, President, for more information: 307-537-3132.

Sno-Roamers Snowmobile Club • (Swan Valley ID) Sno-Roamers is a nonprofit organization benefiting the Swan Valley, Irwin, and Palisades communities. The Sno-Roamers was established in 1966 by a group of friends in the Swan Valley, Irwin and Palisades area who loved to ride snowmobiles and get together for fun activities such as monthly rides in the winter, pot luck dinners, annual steak fry and an annual Christmas party and the current membership loves to do the same. There are records going back to 1983 showing that there were 27 members and that the dues were $5.00 for each member or $10.00 for a family. Some familiar area families that were members include the Rolfe’s, Longhurst’s, Drumond’s, Park’s, Taylor’s, Traughber’s, Burnside’s, Jackson’s, Wadsworth’s, Rose’s, Jone’s, Moeller’s, Poole’s and Wilkins. Currently there are 64 members and the dues are $20.00 for each member or $40.00 for a family, which includes the membership to ISSA with our longest members being Linda & Del Wilkins, Chub & Roberta Moeller and Ron Poole. New members are always welcome.

Mesa Falls in Winter, Island Park, Idaho
Mesa Falls in Winter, Island Park, Idaho

Targhee Ridge Runners • (Ashton ID) The Targhee Ridgerunners Snowmobile Club was organized in 1968 in Ashton, Idaho. Living in an area that borders Island Park and Yellowstone National Park , we usually have abundant snowfall and a season that runs from late November through March. The Ridgerunners believe that with careful consideration and stewardship toward the environment, wildlife, and personal property, snowmobiling can have a bright future in this area and will be a sport we can enjoy for a lifetime.

Cody Country Snowmobile Association • Remember, numbers are everything when dealing in legislative and environmental matters. As an organized group we can fight to keep our favorite areas free of wilderness and preserve our rights to multiple use lands. The club provides a place for companionship and sharing of fun times, and engages in family outings. We meet the second Tuesday of the month, at 6:30 p.m. at the Cody Search & Rescue Hall, September through April.

Mountain River SnoRiders • (Idaho Falls, Idaho) We are a family oriented club. We have members of all different riding skills and ages so bring the family and come ride with us! Tis’ the season to be very excited because it won’t be long that we can ride at any time. Thank you to everyone that came to the annual membership drive it turned out to be a very fun time. We were able to raise enough money to make some families very happy. So it is time for the Christmas families, please be sure to come to the meeting next week to hear the details. If you have any thing that you want to donate please let Derick know. Because the snow is coming we need to think of a Christmas club ride. There have been some new suggestions, including talk of a two day ride. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

Snowbiking in the Snake River Range south of Victor Idaho
Snowbiking in the Snake River Range south of Victor Idaho
Snowmobile tour taking in the view
Cody Country Snowmobile Association
• (Cody Wyomng) The club provides a place for companionship and sharing of fun times, and engages in family outings. Remember, numbers are everything when dealing in legislative and environmental matters. As an organized group we can fight to keep our favorite areas free of wilderness and preserve our rights to multiple use lands. By joining CCSA (or renewing your dues) you also become a member of the Wyoming State Snowmobile Association who works in conjunction with Wyoming State Parks & Historical Sites to provide legislation for our sport, trail construction and grooming, mapping of trails and map printing.  We meet the first Wednesday of the month, at 6:30 p.m. at the Cody Search & Rescue Hall, September through April.

Riverton Sno-Goers, the Lander Snowdrifters, and the Dubois Sno-Katers • (Lander/Riverton/Dubois) nowmobiling is our passion and the Wind River Mountains is our playground. Here you will find information about club events and rides, maps of trails and riding areas, saftey information and links to great snowmobiling websites in Wyoming. Our goal is to help you have the best time and most fun snowmobiling. Don't forget to check out the Wyoming State Snowmobile Association website for more statewide club news and to support the sport of snowmobiling.

Pinedale Snow Explorers • (Pinedale Wyoming) Meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of December, January, February and March at 7:00 pm at the Pinedale Library.

Top Of The Rockies • (Alpine Wyoming) Since 1967 - This club was organized with the intent to bring people together with similar interests, to raise money for community projects and to support family oriented activities.

Upper Yellowstone Snowmobile Club • (Cooke City MT)

Sweet Grass County  Recreation Association • (Big Timber Montana) Welcome friends and recreation fans! Thank you for visiting our club website. Here you are able to view our schedule for the year. We are very excited about 2010. We hope that you can make it to some of our events. We’re hoping to build the club with some strong volunteers and fun events!

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