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Yellowstone National Park
Beehive Geyser in Yellowstone
Beehive Geyser in Yellowstone

Established on March 1, 1872, Yellowstone National Park is the first and oldest national park in the world.
Preserved within Yellowstone are Old Faithful Geyser and some 10,000 hot springs and geysers, the majority of the planet's total. These geothermal wonders are evidence of one of the world's largest active volcanoes; its last eruption created a crater or caldera that spans almost half of the park.

An outstanding mountain wildland with clean water and air, Yellowstone is home of the grizzly bear and wolf, and free-ranging herds of bison and elk. It is the core of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the largest intact temperate zone ecosystems remaining on the planet.

The human history of the park dates back 12,000 years. The events of the last 130 years of park history are reflected in the historic structures and sites associated with various periods of park administration and visitor facilities development.

Natural Bridges National Monument
Natural Bridges National Monument
Natural Bridges

Constrained by a deeply cut chasm during high water, the Boulder River flows over a 100-foot precipice, creating the spectacular Boulder River Falls. At low water, the river flowed under a natural rock bridge, but in July 1988, the bridge that gave the area its name collapsed. The park also serves as a wilderness trailhead and has good trout fishing. The park is 40 acres in size and is 5,000 feet in elevation.
The site offers a picnic area with scenic overlooks, interpretive plaques explaining the geologic process, and paved trails. Some trails are steep, so good walking shoes are recommended. This is a great place for photography. The Natural Bridge footbridge is legal access to Teepee Mountain, Contact Mountain, and Green Mountain.

Directions: Natural Bridge State Monument is located 27 miles south of Big Timber on Secondary 298.

Regional Wildlife
Grizzly Country
Grizzly Country
Nowhere else in the United States, including Alaska, can the casual visitor observe such a striking diversity of "charismatic mega-fauna" (the large mammals) that abound in this region, Bald eagles, golden eagles, black bear, the elusive cougar, the wolverine, the pine marten and the gray wolf. Jackson Hole and Yellowstone are home to that most formidable icon of wildness, the grizzly bear. The region also hosts the largest herds of elk in North America and is one of the few remaining areas in the lower 48 states where the grizzly bear still roams in significant numbers, and is home to the largest free-ranging herd of bison in the lower 48 states.
Custer National Forest
Absaroka Lake, Custer National Forest
Have a great hiking adventure along the Highland Trail, obviously you could also have a look at Alpine Lake since you're here; it's not far at all. Custer National Forest has lovely nature scenery for your viewing satisfaction. Fun pursuits are bountiful; there's always something for everybody to love. At Custer National Forest you find a heap of outdoors recreation, so you could have a heap of fun. Hiking along the Pyramid Trail is glorious fun. West Fork West Boulder River is a stream that you may come across while here; a lake nearby is West Boulder

The Yellowstone River
The Yellowstone River
Yellowstone River

White men first noted the Yellowstone River in 1743 when an explorer named La Verendrye reached the area of the South Dakota's Mandan Villages. Later David Thompson of Canada's Northwest Company is credited with the first writing of the name in English, in 1798. But David Thompson did not explore beyond the Yellowstone River's mouth on the Missouri. Indians before La Verendrye named the Yellowstone River and David Thompson came into the area. It was on the Yellowstone around Billings in 1806 when Lewis and Clark ran into Manual Lisa who was setting up a trading post when Manual Lisa recruited Lewis and Clark expedition member John Colter to go scout out the snake river and Yellowstone country for possible Indian traders for Lisa's trading post.

The Yellowstone River drainage hosts exceptional scenery and some of the most diverse wildlife on earth. You can see elk, bison, grizzlies, moose, majestic mountains, canyons and waterfalls. And is a world-renowned trout-fishing destination.

Gallatin National Forest
Boulder River in autumn
Boulder River in autumn
Located in southern Montana, the Gallatin National Forest has snowy peaks, alpine meadows, and scenic canyons. The Forest is brimming with abundant wildlife, dense timbered valleys and ridges with rugged peaks climbing to nearly 10,000 feet. Recreational activities like hiking, fishing, and snow sports are popular, while some of the streams are excellent for paddlers.
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