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Sleigh Rides
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Sleigh Rides

Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride
National Elk Rifuge Sleigh Rides • (Jackson Hole) Imagine taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride among an elk herd that may number between a few hundred and a few thousand animals.  At the National Elk Refuge just north of the town of Jackson, Wyoming, such an adventure is available to winter visitors from mid-December through early April.  The rides take approxi- mately one hour and provide close observation of bulls, cows, and calves as they feed, rest, and move about the area.


320 Guest Ranch • (Big Sky) Picture this: you glide beneath a deep-black, star-dotted Montana sky, with only the sound of crunching snow and the jingling harnesses of the Percheron draft horses, which are skillfully guiding you along the half-frozen Gallatin River. The wool-wrapped wranglers talk about the 320’s remarkable history, and maybe tell a few tall tales along the way. You and your family, along with the new friends you’ve made, arrive at the mountain man campsite, where you’re handed a steaming mug of cowboy chili, and some hot cider spiced with rum. Montana’s famous cold winters really aren’t that cold, you think to yourself.
No wonder our sleigh rides are so popular!

Mill Iron Ranch Sleigh Rides, Jackson Wyoming

Mill Iron Ranch Sleigh Rides
Sleigh Ride Ranch Dinner Sleigh Ride Ranch Dinner
Milliron Ranch Sleigh Ride • (Jackson Hole) Enjoy an evening sleigh ride with family or friends in a rustic Wyoming landscape. Your view includes over 1,800 head of elk and picturesque mountains, so don‘t forget your camera! You will be impressed with our friendly and knowledgeable drivers, entertained by their tall tales and mesmerized by the scenery they guide you through. Hanging out with real cowboys is often the high point of a trip to Jackson Hole and the real west. After the excitement of wildlife, horses and pictures, join us in our lodge for our world famous lucious t-bone steak dinner.
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