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Animal cruelty all dressed up like city zoning

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Montana's disappearing identy

An open letter to Red Lodge Community Development Director Peter A. Italino and his coconspirators on the City Council concerning the outlawing of horse shelters on properties of five acres or less.

Peter I hate it when city people move to the country then try to make the country more city like from where they left. I see Peter you are a city escapee (Front Range Denver) and a long time “City” planner at that.

Rod Lodge Montana’s Mayor oddly enough is from New Jersey. I was surprised to discover the Mayor is a libertarian. Your hypocritical “libertarian” mayor wants to take away liberty of small property horse owners, so Red Lodge can be more like New Jersey. I must wonder if he is only libertarian for the legalization of dope? If he has advocated in favor of liberty for horse shelter in this case please correct me. 

Oh I get it, rural folks have seen it over and over again; the newcomer comes to the country because they love the wide-open spaces; however, that smelly farm has to go.  Good grief!

Girls galloping with joy on horse
Pure joy, thank you horse!

Peter, I met a woman one day who was from my home county, San Luis Obispo California.   She had bought a storefront in downtown Ashton Idaho and started a furniture business.   She got onto the city council and was trying to pass an urban renewal for the town.   Ashton Idaho still had multi-generational locals on the city council, as they hadn’t let the earnest newcomers take over the council.   The born and bred told the furniture store owner; “if we gingerbread this place up like Victor, Driggs and Jackson, the outsiders will all want to move here. 

I live in Swan Valley Idaho and when Victor Idaho got to expensive in 2007 for blue-collar workers who commuted to Jackson, my property values went up 400% in two years, thank God 2008 came along and made Victor affordable again, and Swan Valley values dropped back to normal. It was amazing how fast the tax assessor reassessed my two properties. 

I want my kids to not be displaced by a bunch of New Jersey and California escapees, you should be mindful of the same. 

Peter, you are a Community Development Director, I ask you; is a community the buildings, parks and other amenities or is a community “The People”?  

My son was born in Jackson Hole, but he will never be able to live there unless he wins the lottery.  There are hundreds like my son who will never be able to live where he was born.  Jackson Hole has thousands of people from elsewhere and less and less people to service them and their business.    Jackson Hole is a bunch of nice buildings; however, it isn’t a community.  

Horses, better than drugs
Horses, better than drugs

A pull quote from the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation:

“Although there are many important housing needs to be addressed in Red Lodge, including housing for seniors and disabled, RLAHC’s most pressing concern is to provide for the existing and future workforce.”

LOL Peter, it appears you are already having the aforementioned workforce problems. You are working to make worse. Government subsidy for housing is a band-aid where a tourniquet would be the only fix. The fancier and more affluent your community gets, the more you will exasperate your workforce problems. See Jackson WY.

You Community Development Directors are great about gingerbread, yet very poor about community. 

Red Lodge City Council; Give the horses shelter!

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